Recognizing Celiac Disease is an excellent addition to the literature on this increasingly prevalent condition. I was especially impressed by the comprehensive section on the health manifestations of celiac disease.

          Joy Bauer, Joy Bauer Nutrition, www.joybauer.com 
          Resident Nutrition Expert, NBC's Today Show

Recognizing Celiac Disease is well written, accessible and includes an exhaustive and very comprehensive list of symptoms.  Although all of the symptoms listed have been described in association with celiac disease, the reader should also notice that not necessarily all of them are attributable directly to celiac disease as their cause.

The work successfully communicates the disease process, scope and multisystem nature of celiac disease as well as addressing treatment of nutritional deficiencies, associated disorders and the many complications of the condition.

Recognizing Celiac Disease uses documented medical research to show how seemingly unrelated symptoms in different body systems can stem from celiac disease. 

Physicians who are not familiar with celiac disease should have this book on their shelves. They will find this reference a practical source of information and an important aid in making a prompt diagnosis and treating their patients.

The book is useful for prospective patients to determine whether their complaints are consistent with celiac disease.  It is also an excellent patient resource for self management, especially in identifying ongoing and future health problems related to celiac disease and bringing them to the attention of their physician for proper treatment. 

Recognizing Celiac Disease is a useful reference that will serve as a helpful tool for health care providers and anyone diagnosed with the disease.

         Stefano Guandalini, M.D.
         Professor of Pediatrics, University of Chicago
Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition,
         University of Chicago Children's Hospital
Founder and Medical Director, The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center

A very thorough review of the literature!  A useful resource.

             Peter Green, MD, 
             Director, Celiac Disease CenterColumbia University.
             Professor of Clinical Medicine,
             College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University
             Attending Physician, New York-Presbyterian Hospital.


Recognizing Celiac Disease is an excellent up to date and most comprehensive manual that is based on The National Institutes of Health sponsored Consensus Development Conference of June 2004.


This work delivers an overview of celiac disease with a concise picture of the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tools and treatment of celiac disease. Most of all, it expands on the nutritional deficiencies and complications of this disease, emphasizing the dietary management of these patients.


This work will serve as an excellent reference to physicians, medical students, dietitians, patients and the general public as well.

            Kenneth R. Falchuk, MD,
            Associate Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School.
            Senior Gastroenterologist,
            Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.


As simpler and more available testing is becoming available, celiac disease is emerging as a significant disease with a diversity of clinical presentations, often unrelated to the gastrointestinal tract.

Recognizing Celiac Disease provides medical personnel with a concise picture of the many clinical manifestations of how this disease can be expressed. Additionally, it discusses in-depth, the multitude of diagnostic techniques necessary to conduct a comprehensive differential diagnosis, along with the detailed treatment considerations. Specifically, the complexities of gluten free diet regimens are meticulously discussed.

Recognizing Celiac Disease is a comprehensive celiac disease reference that will serve as a manual for physicians and medical personnel that diagnose and treat this complex disease process.

            Wayne A. Satz, MD, FAAEM,
            Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
            Vice Chairperson, Clinical Affairs
            Medical Director, Temple University Hospital Emergency Department


Recognizing Celiac Disease is a monumental work. Assembling this knowledge about celiac disease will help those who suffer from it and those who care for individuals who have suffered from it to understand the signs, the symptoms, and the triggers that cause it. This is must reading for any health professional who deals with this disease, and for individuals who suffer from it. The book will aid in both diagnosing and managing celiac disease. Cleo Libonati is to be congratulated for transforming her lived experience with Celiac Disease into a manual that helps others live with it effectively.


           Afaf I. Meleis, PhD, DrPS (hon), FAAN

           Professor of Nursing and Sociology

           Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing

           School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

I appreciate having this remarkable and thoroughly researched resource on my desk when I counsel with patients who have celiac disease.  It is very useful and user friendly.

            Mary Sue Walker, PhD, RD, LDN
            Clinical Nutrition Specialist 

            Children's Hospital, Pediatric Gastroenterology, P.C.

            Knoxville, Tennessee


This manual will serve as an excellent informational reference for our membership, as well as physicians, dietitians and other health care professionals. The presentation provides useful, reliable, easy-to-understand health and diet information to supplement the information from one's health team.

            Mary A. Schluckebier, BS, MA,
            Executive Director,
            Celiac Sprue Association - USA.


This masterful, comprehensive and easy-to-use resource guide will go a long way in helping folks restore their health and regain their lives, a goal we share. Recognizing Celiac Disease has a permanent place on my desk and I definitely will recommend this well-researched reference manual to healthcare professionals and patients alike.

            Alice Bast,
            Founder and Executive Director,
            National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.


"Recognizing Celiac Disease is an excellent up to date resource for health professionals. As a Registered Dietitian for a major grocery store retailer I need a quick and valid source of information about Celiac's at my fingertips. This is the most comprehensive source I've seen and it will surely help me to better guide my consumers towards appropriate food choices for their condition." 

                Jacqueline Gomes, RD, MBA

            Corporate Dietitian
            Pathmark Stores, Inc.


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